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About Us

The Reverse Mortgage Experts

With over sixty years of combined experience in all phases of the mortgage industry, Reverse Mortgage Specialist is your personal Reverse Mortgage Experts.

Who We Are

Reverse Mortgage Specialist is a full service mortgage lender offering all available mortgage products. Founded in 1996, the company is based in Little River, SC and is represented by brothers, David and Steve Stacy. With over sixty years of combined experience in all phases of the mortgage industry, David and Steve have performed nearly every job from the simplest of clerical functions, to managing multi-million dollar loan origination companies. Both are licensed in states throughout the Southeast and are proud to offer their extensive knowledge and experience to bring you the best service and fastest response times. While David and Steve have chosen to concentrate on Reverse Mortgages, they are able to help with any mortgage needs you may have.

Building Relationships. Providing Knowledge.

Reverse Mortgage Specialist considers consumer education to be paramount. We are committed to providing homeowners with the knowledge and understanding of the Reverse Mortgage program that will ensure an honest and ethical relationship. If we agree that this program meets your needs, Reverse Mortgage Specialist will assist homeowners in expediting the loan process and will be known to seniors as an industry leader in the Reverse Mortgage arena of information, education and service.


A Reverse Mortgage is a simple way for seniors to make life easier and more comfortable throughout retirement. A Reverse Mortgage is a government insured mortgage that allows Senior citizens, age 62 or older to tap into the equity they have amassed. The benefits of a Reverse Mortgage are tremendous, giving seniors the financial freedom, security, and peace of mind they deserve. After all, they’ve earned it.