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Federal Housing Administration insures over 99% of all Reverse Mortgages is the U.S.

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The 28 Page Reverse Mortgage Guide includes:

  1. A complete description of how the reverse mortgage works. Balanced information for a sound decision.
  2. The pros and cons of the reverse mortgage. Learn the good, bad and ugly to find out if it’s right for you.
  3. How to avoid 5 Costly mistakes. Learn these reverse mortgage pitfalls to save your equity.
  4. 7 myths debunked. Discover the real truth about the reverse mortgage.
  5. Costs and Fees. Learn what a typical lender should charge you for services.
  6. 3 Things the Big Banks Don’t Want You to Know. Learn these “little secrets” to save thousands in closing costs and get the best terms possible.

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The primary purpose of this website is to educate seniors and the families of senior loved ones about the inner workings of the re-verse mortgage. By ordering our free reverse mortgage guide, you will get a complete description of how a reverse mortgage works. After reading this information you should have a basic foundation to make an educated decision as to whether or not the reverse mortgage is right for you or your family.


Everyone wants to know the pros and cons of the reverse mortgage. Like any financial tool the reverse mortgage has both negative and positive features. With that in mind, not everyone is a perfect fit for the reverse mortgage which is why we’ve developed this guide to outline both the pros and cons of the reverse mortgage so you know if it could be a fit for you. Is the reverse mortgage right for you? Get our free guide to know for sure.


One of the negative aspects of the reverse mortgage is it can be an expensive loan in regards to closing costs. Our guide will cover the various costs and fees of the reverse mortgage so you can understand whether the benefits will outweigh the cost for you.


Additionally, there are five major reverse mortgage mistakes many seniors make, often costing them thousands of dollars in their homes equity. This guide identifies these mistakes and gives you a roadmap to easily sidestep them.


Lastly, you will get a reverse mortgage calculator in your PDF version of our reverse mortgage guide. We will furnish you a link that takes you directly to a calculator so you can have a very good idea how much money you will qualify to receive with your reverse mortgage.


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