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8 Factors Retirees Need To Know Before Getting A Reverse Mortgage

reverse mortgage lenderOnce you enter your retirement years, you will find your list of expenses as daunting. For people who have paid off their houses or just have small mortgage, a reverse mortgage might be a way to help cover these expenses during your retirement years. A reverse mortgage loan lets you borrow against the equity that you have built up in your house. This way, you could supplement your existing income and still get to live in your current home. In case you are thinking about taking this option, you should know how this type of loan works and determine if will benefit you during your retirement years before talking to reverse mortgage lenders.


Factors To Consider Before Taking Out A Reverse Mortgage Loan



Understanding what it entails


Reverse mortgages are offered to homeowners who are at least 62 years old. If you want to be eligible, you should live in the house as your primary residence. This kind of mortgage works differently compared to a traditional mortgage. A conventional mortgage asks you to make payments every month. But with a reverse mortgage, the reverse mortgage lender will make payments to you. The value of your house will determine the exact amount that you will receive. With a reverse mortgage loan, you will keep the title to your house. You also need to maintain, pay property taxes, as well as home insurance.


Check payment options


There are many ways you could get the funds from a reverse mortgage loan. You can go for a lump sum, monthly payment or a line of credit. You could even choose a combination of these. To decide what is the best choice, you should take into account your current situation and how you can use the proceeds from the loan.


Check the equity


A reverse mortgage Myrtle Beach will be a viable option when you have a substantial amount of home equity. In case you still have a small mortgage in retirement, you need to talk to your financial adviser so you know what your options are.


Don’t forget to ask about the fees


With a reverse mortgage loan, you could expect some initial expenses like an appraisal fee, a loan origination fee, and closing costs. You will be asked to set up a session with an independent counselor to ensure that you understand this kind of loan every well. Apart from that, the lender could charge you with loan servicing fees, and you need to pay for mortgage insurance premiums.


Think long-term


Reverse mortgage loans are repayable once you pass away. But the loan needs to be repaid once you decide to move out or sell your home.


Talk to family members


In case you’ve been planning to leave your house to your heirs, a reverse mortgage loan might be the best option. The safest bet when it comes to a reverse mortgage is to assume that you will use all the equity in your house. In many instances, the home will have to be sold to pay off the loan, which means loved ones will have to provide financing or funds to cover the amount of the loan at that time. Before you talk to reverse mortgage lenders Myrtle Beach, be sure to talk to you family members first who may be interested in your house at some point.


Know how you plan to use the reverse mortgage loan


Although a reverse mortgage could offer the funding to cover a kitchen renovation, ongoing living expenses, or a family trip, it is crucial to set up a plan in advance so you know how the money will be directed and used. Your age will take on a significant role when deciding how you can use the funds from a reverse mortgage. In case you are in your early 60s and you most likely need to avoid needless spending, especially when you are concerned about having no more money later in your retirement.


Check other options


In case you are short on your financial resources, have no family members who are interested in inheriting your house and have no desire to leave your home, a reverse mortgage loan could fit every well for your situation. However, when you take some time to check the big picture of your retirement, you might find that you have extra interests and options. In case you have other assets and income, you could find other ways to use the home equity more efficiently than with a reverse mortgage loan. You may choose to refinance your current mortgage, sell the house to your kids or perhaps downsize to a new place in retirement community.


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