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How Can You Look After Your Older Relatives Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic?

reverse mortgageOlder people have a higher risk of becoming severely ill if they get infected with the coronavirus. Generally speaking, it says nobody above 65 years old is considered to be an older person however, there’s no defined definition as people tend to age at varying rates.


The most recent government advice is for everybody must suspend all non-essential contact with other people. However, what specific measures are taken and what is the advice given when it comes to caring for the elderly or older people.


Visiting Older People In Their Houses


Those who are more vulnerable to the virus, especially the ones the seniors or those who are at least 70 years old should remain inside their houses for at least 12 weeks. In case you are visiting an older relative for an important purpose, you must keep a bit of distance of at least 1 meter. There should be no hugging and kissing. Plus, correct hand hygiene practices must be performed.


The best way to protect the people you come into contact with is to know how to protect yourself through proper handwashing. If it is not possible to wash your hands, then you should use your hand sanitizer, so as to avoid spreading the virus. If you are worried about infecting your older relatives, then it is wiser to contact them through different means like online, post, or phone.


What About Care Homes?


Visiting care homes without any important reason should be avoided. Those who have a high temperature or continuous cough must not go to care homes. He or she should self isolate, instead. Individuals who are unwell must keep away from care homes. But, care homes, should also consider the positive effect of having visitors when checking their visitors regulations. All visitors who go to care homes should practice good personal hygiene.


What About Mental Health?


People who are alone or are concerned about the coronavirus, like putting up images of those you care about and restricting the length of time you spend on reading the news.


Elderly relatives must be encouraged to remain active by doing seated exercises, dancing, or cleaning. They should also get as much fresh air and sunlight as they can. It is also highly recommended for them to join a support community online.


When staying at home in Myrtle Beach or avoiding contact, there are ways to prevent loneliness. You or your older relative must feel stimulated and continue to engage in fun projects. Consider using other ways of connecting with friends and loved ones like social media, email, and phone.


What Else Can Be Done?


It is also crucial to think of other practical ways to help like picking up essential supplies like medication and food for your older relative. They must have the supplies they need but not to the extent that they’re already stockpiling. If you cannot visit your elderly relative at their home, you can always set up a family chat or play games online.


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