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Can Reverse Mortgage Offer Financial Freedom For Retirees

reverse mortgageYour lifestyle goes through several major changes as you get older and one of the most significant ones is when you transition into retirement. Retiring is different from one person to another. But one of their goals is to be financially independent.… Read More

Heloc Market Slowdown Leads To More Reverse Mortgage Inquiries

reverse mortgageThe originators of reverse mortgages have always lauded the advantages of reverse mortgage options for a few prospects relative to HELOCs or home equity lines of credit. However, the latest changes in the home equity lending environment brought this differentiation back to the fore, and a few originators are getting higher numbers of inquiries because of people who want to get a HELOC but are unable to qualify.… Read More

Can Homeowners Use Reverse Mortgage As A Source of Retirement Income?

reverse mortgageSeniors in the United States are sitting on a whopping $7.19 trillion in housing wealth. Although it wasn’t part of balanced retirement plan, reverse mortgage could be an effective way of funding retirement. Tapping home equity can help generate income and hedge against possible correction in the housing sector.… Read More

Can Reverse Mortgage Be Your Cash Lifeline During The COVID-19 Outbreak

reverse mortgageThe investment portfolios have taken a beating ever since the coronavirus outbreak, which put the global economy to a halt. Investors are unhappy with the more than 10% drop in the S&P500 but what about the retirees who depend on their investments for income?… Read More

What Are The Credit Requirements For Reverse Mortgage Loans?

reverse mortgageWhether you are looking to repair your home or supplement your income during retirement, a reverse mortgage loan can help. However, there will be some extra steps you need to take when getting a reverse mortgage, which will make the process similar to applying for a traditional loan.… Read More

What Is A Reverse Mortgage and How Can Seniors Use Them?

reverse mortgageIf you don’t have a regular source of income after retirement, you will most likely find yourself struggling with your finances. If you own a house, a reverse mortgage is one great option that can help you deal with your financial problems.… Read More

The Costs and Fees Linked To Reverse Mortgage

reverse mortgageReverse mortgages are costlier compared to other types of loans, as per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Compared to traditional mortgages, the loan you own will grow the longer you draw from the mortgage.


A lot of seniors may find themselves needing cash for family support, healthcare, or retirement.… Read More

JPMorgan Chase Stops Accepting HELOC Applications Due to Coronavirus Shock

reverse mortgageIn a move that has the potential to reinforce or accentuate the viability of reverse mortgages for some, JPMorgan Chase has temporarily halted acceptance of applications for home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) due to the ongoing economic effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, specifically the combined impacts of rising rates of unemployment and initial projections that home prices could fall.… Read More

Can Jumbo Reverse Mortgages Help You During Economic Uncertainty?

reverse mortgageJust like with most recessions, the coronavirus outbreak has businesses and investors looking for opportunities to leverage. To put it simply, this is the idea of using borrowed capital or different financial instruments to multiply the possible return. There has been an increase in the interest from CEOs and business executives in jumbo reverse mortgages.… Read More

What Are The Tax Implications Of A Reverse Mortgage

reverse mortgageA reverse mortgage is a special kind of home loan that is designed to let homeowners who are at least 62 years old to access a part of their home’s equity. It’s referred to as a reverse mortgage because the lender pays the borrower, instead of the other way around.… Read More