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8 Factors Retirees Need To Know Before Getting A Reverse Mortgage

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reverse mortgage lenderOnce you enter your retirement years, you will find your list of expenses as daunting. For people who have paid off their houses or just have small mortgage, a reverse mortgage might be a way to help cover these expenses during your retirement years.… Read More

The What, Who, and How Of Reverse Mortgages

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reverse mortgageYou’ll find different kinds of loan today and one of the most famous ones is reverse mortgage. There are people who believe that this is just like the conventional mortgage or home loan. The only thing they share is that they are both loans against the home of a borrower.… Read More

Why Reverse Mortgages Are Excellent Lending Choice

Reverse Mortgage Advantage

Reverse Mortgage AdvantageReverse mortgages are starting to be accepted in the United States because they can put cash in senior citizens pockets without requiring they sell their home. The loan is based on a percentage of the equity in their home and they can receive income from their home without credit checks or stringent revenue demands.… Read More

What Are The Dangers Of Reverse Mortgage?

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reverse mortgageYou might be thinking of it for quite some time now but you are too scared because there are people who are telling you that reverse mortgages have their own set of dangers. Are they telling the truth? Or are these dangers too insignificant because the benefits that these type of mortgage offer are way too good to ignore.… Read More

Common Misconceptions About Reverse Mortgages

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reverse mortgageJust like several positive feedbacks, there are many misconceptions about reverse mortgages. This isn’t surprising because this financial program involves giving a monthly cash flow along with a monthly retirement income to a qualified senior citizen who is at least 62 years old.… Read More

Reverse Mortgage Qualifications

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reverse mortgageYou may have heard about this before, you have to know what reverse mortgage is before you get one. Let’s say you already have extensive knowledge and appreciation of this kind of mortgage program and you’re all set to sign up for one, there are a few qualifications you need to remember.… Read More

You Can’t Believe the News – Read the Facts

Reverse Mortgage Ruined My Life:

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Could Getting a Reverse Mortgage Help You Save Money

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Fox News Delves into Reverse Mortgage Successes, Changes

By Elizabeth Ecker

Following a column published late last week by Fox News’ Bob Massi, the network also produced a video segment featuring reverse mortgages this week.


In his look into reverse mortgages, “How to Have a Reverse Mortgage Success Story,” Massi interviews two couples who have successfully used reverse mortgages to improve their retirement situations.… Read More

What Is Your State Of Credit from

Experian’s fourth annual State of Credit highlights four different generations – the Greatest Generation (ages 66-plus), Baby Boomers (ages 47 to 65), Generation X (ages 30 to 46) and Millennials (ages 19 to 29) and their highest and lowest credit scores, bankcard usage, average debt as well as other factors in more than 100 U.S.… Read More