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Reverse Mortgage Ruined My Life:

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Could Getting a Reverse Mortgage Help You Save Money

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Fox News Delves into Reverse Mortgage Successes, Changes

By Elizabeth Ecker

Following a column published late last week by Fox News’ Bob Massi, the network also produced a video segment featuring reverse mortgages this week.


In his look into reverse mortgages, “How to Have a Reverse Mortgage Success Story,” Massi interviews two couples who have successfully used reverse mortgages to improve their retirement situations.… Read More

What Is Your State Of Credit from

Experian’s fourth annual State of Credit highlights four different generations – the Greatest Generation (ages 66-plus), Baby Boomers (ages 47 to 65), Generation X (ages 30 to 46) and Millennials (ages 19 to 29) and their highest and lowest credit scores, bankcard usage, average debt as well as other factors in more than 100 U.S.… Read More

Wall Street Journal & Mortgage Professor Reverse Mortgage News

The Mortgage Professor–Should Government Support HECM Reverse Mortgages


Wall Street Journal–Tighter Rules for Reverse Mortgages


Wall Street Journal–Reverse Mortgages Can Help Rich and Poor Retirees


Wall Street Journal–Reverse Mortgage RethinkRead More

The Scoop on Reverse Mortgages FOX News

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Possible Changes on the Horizon

Rules for Reverse Mortgages May Become More Restrictive


Published: July 12, 2013


Many baby boomers will need to consider how their homes — and the value locked inside — will help finance their retirement years.… Read More

Reverse Mortgages CBS News

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Who Should Do a Reverse Mortgage?

By Donna Fuscaldo


The economic storm that rocked many baby boomers’ nest eggs has left many of them considering a reverse mortgage as part of their .


Reverse mortgages allow homeowners who have reached age 62 or older to draw down on their home’s equity in exchange for cash.… Read More

Boomers’ $3 Trillion Nest Egg

By Steve Vernon


Americans aged 62 and older had accumulated $3.19 trillion in home equity by the end of the third quarter of 2011, according to data recently released by the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA). During the same quarter, home equity increased by $46 billion, reflecting stabilization and improvement in home prices.… Read More